Go iPave Case Study: Coastal Paving, Inc.

Coastal Paving, Inc.

Go iPave Customer Since:
October 2012

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Website: www.coastalpaving.com

Service Offerings:
Asphalt Paving
ADA Construction

Employees: 35

Annual Revenue:
$8-$10 Million

Company Contact:
Robert Jarvis
Vice President

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Coastal Paving, Inc.’s Description of their Marketplace and Company

Q:  How do you position your company?
A: Premium Provider
Q: What is your brand known for? Do you have a tagline or Unique Selling Proposition?
A: Experience the Coastal Difference
Q: Is your market competitive? Do you compete against low cost providers, big national/regional companies/chains, etc?
A: The Silicon Valley (Bay Area) market is competitive and some customers focus on price. We do our best to make them focus on cost (long term) over price (short term) when selecting products and services.

Coastal Paving Inc.’s Experience Before Using Go iPave

Q: Summarize points of frustration you faced before you started to use Go iPave. How has using Go iPave specifically addressed those problems?
A: Customers want quick budget numbers and measuring a parking lot takes a lot of time. It means dropping what you are doing, getting in the truck, measuring the lot, and running back to the office to get the proposal started. Go iPave addressed the primary issue of time.
Q: How did you measure property before using Go iPave? What were the results?
A: Measuring a lot was always done with a wheel, a pad of paper, and pencil. The rest came down to the strategy of squaring up a lot for quick and easy measurement and basic understanding of calculating square footage. From there, it meant taking those numbers and a calculator and getting your square footage. The results were very accurate unless you forgot a measurement or you made an arithmetic mistake.

Coastal Paving Inc.’s Experience After Using Go iPave

Q: What was the big a-ha moment/what made you decide you needed to try Go iPave?
A: I had finished measuring a job site about 30 miles away from the office and the customer was waiting for their proposal. When putting together my measurements I noticed that I forgot to measure one dimension. Rather than drive back to the site and spend at least an hour, I decided to try Go iPave. Not only was I able to get the measurement I needed in a few seconds, I was able to re-measure the whole project without leaving the office in just a few minutes.
Q: What features do you love about Go iPave? Why do you love them?
A:  1. I like the ability to color individual areas and measure them independently. (Phasing)
      2. I like the ability to use a computer from anywhere to access the program. (Portability)
      3. I like the resolution of the imagery which allows me to count stalls and even stencils right on the screen. (Quality)

Coastal Paving Inc.’s Results With Go iPave

Q: What specific problems has Go iPave addressed that other pavement maintenance contractors might be able to relate to?
A: Contractors will appreciate the speed and efficiency that Go iPave delivers. Customers want proposals turned around very quickly. Contractors need an arsenal of tools to allow them to succeed. This product is a must for any contractor in our industry.
Q: Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of Go iPave? 
A: We have changed how we measure sealcoating for parking lots. We focus our time and energy measuring asphalt and concrete repairs. The time saving along allows us to provide more proposals which translates to more sales.

Why Would You Recommend Go iPave?

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love the Go iPave?
A: Compared to other similar products on the market, Go iPave provides the best features for the best price.
Q:  What would you say to a contractor who is considering whether to purchase Go iPave.
A: The investment that you make in Go iPave will allow you to become a more profitable company by saving you time and money measuring projects.