How Does New Go iPave Work?

Hit a + below to discover how new Go iPave works, and the answers to other Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Go iPave?

Go iPave is the Asphalt Maintenance Professional’s go-to resource for fast, precise online property measurement. Go iPave combines high resolution property photos and measuring tools in one easy-to-use application.

What is New Go iPave


New Go iPave is a modernized recreation of our classic Go iPave software. New Go iPave adds an improved user experience with cloud storage of your work and access from anywhere with seamless use across browsers and devices (including mobile)

Is my ‘Classic’ Go iPave going away?


Yes, but not for a while. We support our classic Go iPave product and will continue to do so in the immediate future, but the Flash technology behind it is approaching end of life. Soon, Classic Go iPave won’t be supported by modern web browsers, so we are phasing it out.

Can I get New Go iPave now?


Yes. Anyone can sign up, right now!

How do I get started today?


To get started, sign up for our free trial now, then follow the in-app links to upgrade to a full subscription.

What if I already have a Go iPave account?


You should upgrade to New Go iPave today. If you continue to use our classic Go iPave software, we can’t guarantee support for the next year. It’s time to make the move, and we’re here to help you transition to New Go iPave.

How do I use it?


To use New Go iPave, you need two things.

  1. An active subscription.
  2. At least one available search credit.

What is the price of a subscription?


New Go iPave’s monthly subscriptions start at just $19.95 for a single user.

What do I get with my subscription?


Your subscription provides automatic, cloud-based storage of all your work projects, easy access from most online devices and updated tools and technology for a better user experience.

What do search credits cost?


We offer search credits in packages ranging from 5 searches to 400 searches. Package prices start at $30.00. View pricing Here.

What do I get with each search credit?


Using a search credit allows you to locate a property and create a new project file to persist your work as you measure this site.

What if I need to update a property I’ve already measured?


No problem. Just access your “My Projects” screen to pull it up. Your project is ready to go, just like you left it. All you need is your current, active membership. If, instead, you want to keep your existing project for that address and create a new one for a different service or quote, simply search the address again to create a new project file. You can also upload your projects (workspace files) from classic Go iPave.

What is my subscription period?


Our subscription period for New Go iPave is monthly.

When do my searches expire?


Your searches remain active while you maintain an active member subscription.

Can I use it on my iPad?


Yes, you can use New Go iPave on most iPads.

Can I use it on my Android Tablet?


Yes, you can use New Go iPave on most Android-based tablets.

Can I use it on my mobile phone?


Yes, you can use New Go iPave on most smartphones.

What OS and Browser should I use?


Pick one that works for you; New Go iPave works seamlessly with most operating systems and internet browsers.