New Go iPave Features & Updates

Our in house development team is constantly looking for ways to enhance our property measuring tools for pavement maintenance contractors. After all, our number one goal is to help our users measure properties faster and better than ever before. Below is a list of new features, tweaks and enhancements we’ve made just this year with this in mind. If you are a current Go iPave user, we hope you are enjoying these new features. If you haven’t tried the program yet, take a test drive today to see what it’s all about!

Oh, and one more thing…we usually announce updates, tweaks, enhancements and other information about Go iPave on our blog. If you haven’t subscribed, do it today!

Enhanced Editing Features

Go iPave users have long since been able to edit property measurements to make them as precise as possible, but we’ve made the editing feature more flexible and robust. Now you can add points to measurements while editing, which increases your ability to change the size and shape of a measurement, and further influence the accuracy of your measurement results.

Watch this short video on adding points while editing.

Rotating & Resizing Measurements

Now you can rotate and resize measurements after you complete them. This can help you drastically reduce the time it takes to measure similar property features.

Watch this short video on rotating and resizing measurements and when this feature is particularly helpful. 

Confirm Delete

Now when you delete a measurement or a label, we ask you to confirm you want to delete it. This is a small addition to our tool set, but hopefully it will bring a large amount of joy when it stops you from accidentally deleting a measurement.

Auto Save

The Auto Save is designed to help you retrieve the last workspace you measured prior to logging out. We still recommend saving your workspaces the traditional way because the Auto Save only retrieves the last property you were working on prior to logging out. If you save your workspace the traditional way, you can retrieve it for future reference no matter what.

Measurement Groups

The measurement grouping feature helps you group measurements into categories. Not only have we rearranged the groups for increased productivity, we also enhanced the grouping feature so if a measurement moves to a new group, the measurement automatically takes on the color of that group. We also added custom colors for each measurement group by default to make it easier for new users to get up and running with the grouping feature.

Saving Images

We’ve changed the background of our images in the interface from black to white. This change makes a big difference when saving and printing property photos from Go iLawn.

Measurement Results

When you measure something that is 1,000 square feet/yards or larger, a comma will separate your results.

We also added the measurement group name to the measurement result box. Both of these changes make your measurement results much easier to read in the interface.

Business Search

Locating commercial properties using a business name has been a Go iPave feature for many years now. We’ve enhanced this feature so that once a result is selected from the list of choices, the search results that were not selected roll up and become hidden. Before they would remain in the interface taking up valuable screen space.


You can now add more than one line of text on the same label with the label tool. Simply type \n when you want to break your label up into multiple lines of text. You can also copy labels, so if you’re labeling several similar items on a property, you can make one label and reproduce it as many times as you need to in your photos.

Color Palette

We updated the color picker so your measurement results will appear as vibrantly as possible when printing and emailing your site diagrams.

Color Coding

Opacity controls have been added to measurement color-coding so you can make measurement results darker or lighter.

Line Styles

Now you change the style perimeter lines for area measurements, and linear distance measurements to dotted lines, dashed lines, solid lines and dotted-dashed lines. You can also change the thickness of lines to increase their visibility in your photos.

A+ and A- Tools For Tablets

We’ve improved the performance of the A+ tool for tablet and touch pad functionality so the measuring tools are easier to use on mobile devices and laptop touch pads.


Zooming has been enhanced so that you can now zoom in and out on a photo with your mouse wheel (hooray!). This can help you move a photo around while measuring, along with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

We also increased the number of zoom levels you can access when working with your photos so the change from one zoom level to the next isn’t as drastic, giving your additional options when positioning photos for optimal measuring.


We added a column for the measurement group name to the Excel spreadsheet, so if you group measurements you can see what group the measurement result belongs to when reviewing your results.

Updated Property Boundaries

This is something we do every quarter, but a recent update to our parcel boundary database included updates for 1,661 counties in the United States! This accounts for over half of all counties in the U.S.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to share about new features, tweaks or enhancements, we always love to hear about them. Contact us today with your idea and we will be sure to share it with our developers.